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Status No Plans to Implement
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 30, 2019

RTE option "Link to Files" not available in standalone activity

If you go to a ‘’stand alone’’ activity (edited)
there is no ‘’link to connections files’'  option.


1. Create a standalone activity
2. Inside the standalone activity, add an entry or todo
3. In the description field, the rich text editor provides only the "URL
link" option.

We are aware of the additional fields "Insert/Attach file". However, the
user would like to add links to files directly in the description field.
This is possible when it is a community activity, but not if it is a
standalone activity. At first glance, the end user is not able to
identify if it is the one or the other.

  • Attach files
  • Guest
    May 9, 2019

    We have the same topic in our on-premise installation. 3 or more endusers have asked us why the option to link to connections files is not available and they´re confused.

    We´re sharing the opinion of Guest (6th May) that it can´t be the solution to remove the link to connections files option as it is more frustrating than broken links.

  • Guest
    May 6, 2019

    Adding information provided by AVL on a previous case related to this request:

    His words below:


    In this specific case, it looks like that the user has started with a community activity ("link to files" option is available). Then he created a template out of the community activity. Now, when editing the template activity, "Link to files" is no longer available.


    I checked our internal problem report database and found some of my own reports on this confusing end user experience back in 2014 (Connections 4.5). Reasoning by that time: "The reasoning is that in a Community, the Wiki will always have access to the File. Whereas with a standalone Wiki linking to a standalone File, if the access to the File's changes at some point in the future, the link in the Wiki would be broken." (07752,070,724)


    My response in PMR 07752,070,724: "Personally I think, it should be easily possible to link all available content (files, blogs, wikis, activities, forum topics/entries) inside IBM Connections. At the moment, users work-around that requirement by copy&pasting URL to the specific content directly. Yes, there is the risk of linking to content which gets removed / access permissions changed ... resulting in a dead link for all or some users. But instead of removing the "link to content" feature, we should start to think about how to handle this challenge, which is quite common on a social platform. One solution could be to add person's info into the URL ... and in case some content cannot be resolved, an information is displayed to contact this person, who is the original author of the content. But that is stuff for another enhancement request."

  • Guest
    May 1, 2019

    In on-premise installation, the option "Link to Files" is missing or greyed out in all standalone applications (Activities, Blog, Forum, Wiki). One reason could be that the default "Link to Files" dialogue includes a tab "This community" listing all files of the current community where the application is belonging to.

    As an enhancement, i case of standalone application, the dialogue list either

    • only "My files" and "My computer" (uploading file to personal files)


    • "My files", "My computer" and an option to search "Public communities", select one and listing/search in the selected public community (listing restricted community might miss the file access permissions for another user who is not member of the restricted community)