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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 21, 2019

Whitelist instead Blacklist for Activities and Forums - uploading files


There was request from Customer to have Whitelist instead of Blacklist in Activities and Forums .

We performed change where following exaple of lines have been added :

<limit mimeFilenameRegex=".*\.bmp">104857600</limit>
<limit mimeFilenameRegex=".*\.gif">104857600</limit>
<limit mimeFilenameRegex=".*\.vsdx">104857600</limit>
<limit mimeFilenameRegex=".*\.wav">104857600</limit>
<limit mimeFilenameRegex=".*">0</limit>

SWAT Team also tested it ends with below questions.


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IBM Support
Severity 4   Updated
20 June 2019, 11:34 AM CEST 
Limitation of uploadable files extensions
IBM Support - 20 June 2019, 11:34 AM CEST
ICS SWAT Update @Marcos Vinicius Gomes
Looking at the results from the tests carried out, including the additional test 5 , the way I am intepreteing the results is that code appears to give the line
<limit mimeFilenameRegex=".*">0</limit>
overall precedence and overrides all other file limit (no-zero) settings for file specific extensions. This is only the case though when a setting of zero is used ".*">0
As seen with results of test 5, when non-zero value is used then it does NOT take precedence and honors other file extensions limit settings including ones that have a limit setting of 0. A clue here with the error here for test file WAV with setting <limit mimeFilenameRegex=".*\.wav">0</limit> stating that it is "is a type that is not allowed" rather than in other tests where global limit setting was 0 <limit mimeFilenameRegex=".*">0</limit> and error given was "The file cannot be attached because it is larger than the maximum file size of 0." which would indicate a different code path.
This needs to go to development to give reason :
1) Why "".*">0/limit  is overridding other specific file extension limit settings that defined, why does it not honour file limit extension if there is a non-zero limit setting for it, can it be fixed so that it does?
2) Why does  "".*">0/limit NOT give message ""is a type that is not allowed" rather than  "file cannot be attached because it is larger than the maximum file size of 0."
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