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Status No Plans to Implement
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 18, 2019

Allow max-width for inserted images to a Blog entry to be configurable via Blogs Administration

Image does not fit Blog width.
Steps to reproduce the issue:
1. On a Blogs' entry, click to add an image;
2. Add any image (issue can be reproduced while adding image from the web and uploaded from PC imagine needs to be big more than 1000pixes wide);
3. Select the option is to choose 'Image Size', choose 'Fit page width';
4. Then paste a long paragraph of text under the image, you'll notice that the image won't go beyond 700px width, even though the text continues


The behavior is due to blogs.css indicating max-width of 700 pixels for the images within a Blog entry.

Due to the custom nature of the HCL L2 Connections support's solution and the potential for it to be easily missed and overwritten during routine maintenance / upgrades the customer would like to request an enhancement where the value could be set in a customizable method.

If the customer addresses this problem by modifying the blog.css file , then they will need to remember to modify it on every subsequent release, and if HCL then modify the file there will be collisions.


Is there a way to include a setting option to control max-width for inserted images to a Blog?

Possibly, this could be an option added to the Blogs Administration and controlled by the assigned blogs admin user role.

Or the change could be customizable via the Blogs admin script using the wsadmin client to modify a property which controls the max-width of inserted images.

The change would be made directly to the Blogs database as Blogs does not use a configuration file like most apps.

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