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Status No Plans to Implement
Categories 13. Other
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 3, 2019

Survey Rules - interface improvements needed

When creating rules for a survey the operation is very clunky and could be a lot better to work with. Please improve this.


As an example I did the following:

I Created a survey with 4 questions that all have a similar type of format. On answering the question, I want to show whether the chosen answer is right or wrong. To Do so I use two paragraph texts (one to show when wrong, one to show when right). The rules are there to handle the correct hide/whens.


The interface for determining these rules is really not intuitive to work with and feels uncomfortable cramped:

Problem 1: The Select boxes for the Questions only show a partial text. So if multiple questions have a similar start it becomes very unhandy to see which question you selected (especially in large question sets!).

Problem 2: The paragraph texts are listed only as ‘paragraph text’ meaning that it is completely unclear which text you select. The only way to identify which one you select is to look at the order in which they appear but checking later (once you’ve selected one) is nearly impossible

Problem 3: The rules all are called Rule 1, Rule 2, etc. If you have to do the above-mentioned example for a survey with 10 questions you will have at least 20 rules (if not more) to get the required result. One for each question where the answer is right and one for each question when the answer is wrong. So, determining which rule applies to which question is very unclear afterwards…. Ok yes, there is a little icon in front of the rules if you select the question first, but this is not intuitive, and users don’t even realize this. It would be better to have a clearer visual understanding or the option to name rules yourself.

Problem 4: The icon to open the Rules section is not intuitive and most users have trouble identifying where to find it at first. Secondly, clicking it, often doesn’t work (will simply no call up the dialogue). In which case you have to save the survey, close it and reopen it…. It seems the script to open it will simply hang. I've seen this behavior in multiple environments and versions of CNX so this is not a customer specific problem.


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