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Status No Plans to Implement
Categories 11. Mobile
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 4, 2020

Connections Mobile App: Show content depending on the type of device (private or business)

In our company less than 50% of the employees do have a business smartphone. We use Microsoft Intune to manage our business devices.

Now we would really like to provide the app to private phones as well but with limited content. From private phones it should only be possible to check specific content (dedicated communities, blogs, ...) and not the entire environment with its full functionalities. With this limitation we want to avoid that "third parties" can login with a regular phone to our full environment. The full access should only be available with a managed business phone.

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  • Guest
    Sep 1, 2020

    This enhancement request seems to be a mix of multiple use cases:

    1. "Private" (or better personal owned) mobile phones vs Managed Business phones

    Actors are employees, who have full access to Connections (in their role as employee). Now, if an employee has installed the app on the personal owned mobile phone, only specific content should be accessible (centrally defined by administrator). If the Connections app is installed on personal owned mobile phones, the employee should not be able to access all the content (including owned communities).

    If the employee is using the Connections App on a managed business owned mobile phone, all content should be accessible (as the app is working today, of course including considering personal access/membership restrictions)

    The challenge is how to manage the content which should be accessible by Connections App on "personal owned phones". This differentiation is not available by today. The Connections App is just a different client similar to common browser UI. A regular user (employee) gets listed all content (public, member of)

    2. The meaning of "Third parties" is not defined in the request. If it means "external guests", those can login to Connections and would only see the content / communities where they are member of / invited for. The challenge would be to provide different access points from internet. Typically, the access point to Connections for managed business phones would be protected by 2 factor authentication including client certificate. If "external guests" should not be provided with a 2-factor authentication, a separate access point would be required.

  • Guest
    Aug 5, 2020

    My company has the same requirements!