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Status Under Consideration
Categories 02. Communities
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 13, 2020

Provide control of order of "menu items" in Community to Community Owner

Connections Communities use a menu bar for the different apps within the most popular and modern approaches like highlights. The sort order of the items is given by the software package. There are good ideas why "Highlight" should become the first entry in Connections 7 and replaces the current (Release 6.5 an prior) first item which is "Overview".
Still this order can become very arguable with community owners and users who use Connections a lot already.
So here is my wish: Give the Community owners more power and let make them the decision to change the default order either given by the software package or (better) by a global default configured in the setup.

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  • Guest
    Mar 11, 2021

    This feature is also requested a lot of times from our users. And I totally agree with the last comment..

    Also like it works right now, that it depends on the order on the overview page, makes no sense if e.g. the layout with three columns is used, as there normally the most important apps for the users are placed on the first space of each column, but the sorting in the menu takes all apps from the first column and then the second column and so on. So the 2nd important app is coming way behind in the menu bar then.

  • Guest
    Dec 3, 2020

    In version 6.5 the first tabs are always Overview - Recent Updates - Status Updates - Members and the other apps. The other apps are sorted as they appear in the overview page from top left to bottom right. You can move them by putting them into a different spot in the overview page.

    In v7 the first tab will be highlights. The others will stay as described above.


    Andreas W.

  • Guest
    Nov 13, 2020

    currently the owners can control the order in which tabs appear by changing the order of how the apps are visible on the overview tab. However, certain tabs (Status updates & Recent Updates) can't be moved or removed. I would certainly like to be able to move or remove these as they are hardly used in most communities. When highlights becomes the new norm from 7 onwards this will be even more important as removing the overview page (which is in the plans as I gather?) might mean losing control completely