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Status Future Consideration
Categories 02. Communities
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 28, 2021

Build option to remove and reorder apps in a community in Connections 7

In Connections 7 the new community homepage is the Highlights page. This page does not allow you to remove apps from the community (which was possible with the overview page) . It only allows you to remove the widget from the highlights page but that still leaves the application in the community, as a tab and as a usable element in that community. We need to be able to fully remove an app when it is not being used to prevent users from using it if not desired and from cluttering op de app dropdown/tabs in the top.

Similarly the overview page allowed you to influence the order in which the apps where shown on the tabs/app dropdown as it took the order in which the various apps were ordered on the overview page. With the overview page gone you cannot set your preferred order of tabs anymore either. This means that your tabs might be listing apps hardly or never being used first while important or heavily used apps of your community get relegated to the 'more" dropdown. This makes working with the community a lot harder.

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  • Guest
    Oct 19, 2021

    Agreed, the workaround suggested on January 30 is too long and difficult. The workaround from Rene is ok, but not a real solution as listed below on Feb 2. Something better is needed

  • Guest
    Feb 2, 2021

    @rene thanks but there are three problems with this:

    1. As apps don't automatically get added to your highlights page when you add them to the community this would mean that in order to remove an app that accidentally or unintentionally got added to the community, I first need to add it to my highlights page, then remove it so it appears in the hidden apps tab and then remove it from the hidden apps tab.... That is not something an ordinary user will not figure out or that is easy to explain.

    2. It also doesn't solve the problem of determining the order in which apps appear in the bar/dropdown.

    3. And what about third party apps like Kudos Boards, Ontime, etc? They don't have widgets on the highlights page. How would you make it possible to remove those?

    We really need a dedicated interface for managing and ordering the apps in a community.

    @HCL Ambbassador. Thanks for the tip.

  • Admin
    Rene Schimmer
    Feb 1, 2021

    I agree that this is an area for improvement but here is how it works today (until we improve):
    1 - On Highlights - hide the widget (Remove) for the Connections app you want to delete

    2 - Click "Customize"

    3 - Select "Hidden Apps"

    4 - Now the widget/app you want to permanently delete will be listed here and if you hover over the icon you will see an X appear in the right hand top corner. Click to permanently delete the entire app and its content.

  • Guest
    Jan 30, 2021

    There is a workaround available that has been tested in


    Select OVERVIEW as startpage

    Overview page is available again - reorder / delete the apps as you wish

    Switch back to the HIGHLIGHTS startpage

    Have fun!