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Status Needs Review
Categories 13. Other
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 14, 2023

Consistent customization over all applications

It is a real pain to change the UI to any Corporate Identity because WebSphere Apps use different UI elements than Component Pack ones.

All “integrated” apps like Invite, Touchpoint, Tailored Experience Wizard, ICXT/HCXT, HCEC need handcrafted adjustments which can then be injected via Customizer. It got better with 8, so CP and WAS Apps seem covered, but still all formerly 3rd party need extra steps.

TE Wizard and Activities+ uses React as a base and create unique numbered CSS classes, which can change on each update. We even have different class names (numbers) between production and test deployments on absolute equal versions.

I always thought it would get easier with customizer, but with each added app it gets more complicated. So please integrate applications completely and not just glue it into some place and keep CSS sprinkled all over the applications.

All core Connections blue applications can be adjusted with CSS / JS (through customization folder and customizer), changed strings (NLS properties and JS Language files). Some environments use this very frequently to adjust wordings to their code of conduct, colors and fonts to their corporate identity or just fix tiny annoyances.

All non-core apps do not have such granular customization options. All container applications do not have any way to change strings, or even adjust CSS (some are possible with customizer).

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