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Status No Plans to Implement
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 26, 2018

Tagging with Watson

Add suggest tags or auto complete tags for content such as files, forums, blogs, profiles, activities ...

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  • Guest
    Oct 10, 2018

    Could be done first as a sow about Watson capable to tag Content, Photo and Video?

    Watson to propose TAG

    End user to select and accept

  • Guest
    Aug 6, 2018

    This is a fairly significant ASK and alot more to it than meets the eye as a single sentence request. Lets look at this. 

    First, for Watson, I assume you mean just for IBM Connections cloud - or if on-premise, the IBM CNX server needs ongoing secure access to IBM Cloud. For many IBM CNX server implementations, this is a security hole, so a consideration.

    Anyways, to implement this requires a run-time service to be built that would run along-side IBM CNX and regularly indexes these different content types and then applies the tags, as a backend process. Once applied, via Watson NLU (natural language understanding), the tags need to be appropriately fed back to IBM CNX, somewhere (profile? in a feed? community description? other? where? all of the above?). Once decided where, that UI needs to also be built to consume the tags and present them well.

    Some questions arise:

    • What if a tag was not ideally applied?
    • Should the user be able to edit (or delete) the tags, or what rules on that?
    • If a user deletes or edits a tag, when the service is re-run, should it override the edits and/or respect them? 
    • What about tag clouds and other graphical representations - where should those go?
    • Should the tags be analyzed in terms of metrics, behavior or content trends, relevance etc.

    And the like - there's many other questions and things to this. 

    AppFusions have been tackling these issues, and have built a service that could be run against these IBM CNX content types, per customer commitment and request.