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Status No Plans to Implement
Categories 12. Desktop Plugins
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 21, 2018

Notification in Desktop Plugin when a Doc is being edited

Person A locks a file (via the Desktop plug in or from Internet, whatever) WHILE a person B is editing the same file from Internet using IBM DOCS.

Here 2 problem seems to appear :
- Neither the person A or B will be warned of the activity of the other person.
- The editing done from Internet using IBM DOCS will not be taken into account and the modifications will be lost.
The enhancement is to have the plugins check for IBM Docs sessions. Ideally, an IBMDocs session should lock/unlock the file during editing sessions
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  • Guest
    Sep 21, 2018

    Besides browser and desktop plug-in, all clients how to work with files should check if a file is currently being edited (e.g. Connections App on mobile).

  • Guest
    Sep 21, 2018

    Maybe some further information:


    - At the moment, when accessing the file using browser, person A gets only an info message displayed
    "This file is currently being edited on the web by Person B". However, this info  message can be clicked away. - No message is displayed, if person A has accessed file already in browser and person B starts editing in Docs later on. Person A would have to refresh the page.

    - Locking a file also prevents other users to edit it in IBMDocs. So, in case IBMDocs session locks the file automatically, no collaborative editing would be possible.

    - Modifications by IBMDocs are not really lost. Instead a draft is kept. Users get the info that a draft is pending and needs to be published. However, publishing the draft means, that offline modifications by Person A are not included in the latest version.


    The really best approach would be that a check occurs if a file is currently edited in IBMDocs. If that's the case, another user must be not able to upload a new version or lock the file by himself. Instead, Person A should get a message that the file is currently edited online by Person B in IBM Docs.