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Migration: Add capability to migrate Community from one Connections Instance to another

Migration: Add capability to migrate Community from one Connections Instance to another

Add ability to migrate a Community from one instance of Connections to another

  1. Select a Community or Communities
  2. Export all the related content (including Files shared with it, membership list)
  3. Go to another Connections instance, and Import the content (retaining if possible the Community UUID, if it has not already been used)
  4. If the Users exist in the new Connections instance, connect them to the Community, same authorities
  5. Change all new Connections instance internal URLs to match that of the new instance
  6. Write a Blog to the old and new Community indicating from and to address, list of content moved and new URLs.
  7. Send an eMail to all Community Members (both instances) pointing to the Blogs and old and new address
  8. Optionally be able to Lock and Archive the originating (exported Community)
  9. Optionally change old instance URLs to point to the new instance


Over time, there will be circumstances where it is desirable to move content from one Connections instance to another, as for example moving from Connections Premises to Connections Cloud or to a different Cloud instance.  Also when companies are acquired or divisions sold off, and we want to add or split off their associated users and content.   Migration is currently very difficult with IBM Connections, it lacks migration utilities, this would add that to the products.  This needs to be done at the product level, there are internal database structures where information resides, it needs to be database operations (not APIs) to move it intact, not lose anything.

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  • Oct 16 2018
  • No Plans to Implement
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  • Guest commented
    16 Dec, 2019 04:06pm

    Something like this capability would be very handy in terms of the Connections Cloud shut-down coming in 2020.  It would allow us to move Communities that are still active over to another Connections instance.   Doing moves like this manually or with Vamosa is prohibitive.

  • Guest commented
    28 Nov, 2018 09:27am

    From my point of view, you should start with the ability to sync a wiki page or blog entry before you reach the state of the full migration options. An iterative approach would make sense instead of waiting for the full solution. Or is there such an option already known, even maybe by using 3rd party tools?

  • Guest commented
    25 Oct, 2018 07:31am

    This would be really useful