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Status Future Consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 19, 2018

Certain types of API generated activity stream events are rendered ugly when they appear in the daily digest

Problem Scenario
When API generated @mention events show up in the notification email, the format is ugly.

Customer is following steps from API documentation here:

In the daily digest mail, the API generated events are rendered with ugly links:

Steps To Reproduce
1. Users have "Daily Newsletter" option selected for "Mentions" in Notifications Settings screen.

2. Register an extension for the Activity Steam service in the appregistry for the org. That extension is then specified as the generator in the payload of the API request.
(For example, the customer is using one called "SelfServiceApp".)

3. Using a REST client, customer is using the following JSON payload.


"actor": {
"id": "200522776",
"objectType": "person"
"verb": "mention",
"generator": {
"id": "SelfServiceApp"
"to": [{
"id": "200438552",
"objectType": "person"
"title": "${}",
"openSocial": {
"embed": {
"gadget": "",
"context": {
"debug": false,
"width": 360,
"customPayload": {
"title": "SelfService",
"url": "https://<URL_for_server_hosting_the_extension_app>/SelfService.nsf/Object.xsp?&option=PurchaseRequest&unid=C152F23A050426F9C125830100300DFB"
"url": "https://<URL_for_server_hosting_the_extension_app>/ee/ee.html",
"height": 2400
"connections": {
"actionable": "true"
"object": {
"summary": "@{{200438552|@User A}} Sample text",
"id": "200438552",
"url": "https://<URL_for_server_hosting_the_extension_app>/SelfService.nsf/Object.xsp?&option=PurchaseRequest&unid=C152F23A050426F9C125830100300DFB",
"objectType": "person"
"target": {
"displayName": "More sample text",
"url": "https://<URL_for_server_hosting_the_extension_app>/SelfService.nsf/Object.xsp?&option=PurchaseRequest&unid=C152F23A050426F9C125830100300DFB",
"objectType": "note"

This is their generator definition:

"generator": {
"image": {
"url": "https://<URL_for_server_hosting_the_extension_app>/ee/favicon-16x16.png"
"id": "SelfServiceApp",
"displayName": "SelfService Application",
"url": "https://<URL_for_server_hosting_the_extension_app>/Selfservice.nsf"

4. Once the above event is posted via API, the next day, the user will see the "ugly" links in their daily digest newsletter mail.

This feedback provided by Connections Dev team:
"These particular emails in Cloud have a link stripping process run on them  - it is a security requirement - basically it is taking any anchor tag within content and if the host does not match a predefined one (which by default is global and set to the current Connections domain) it will be split out title:[url] for safety.

While this was a security requirement it could be reviewed and at a minimum offer admins the opportunity to set the whitelist of hosts - potentially also in this case auto whitelist the host if its the same as the Activitystream.generator.url"

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