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Welcome to the HCL Connections Product Ideas Lab! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by the HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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12. Desktop Plugins

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Show TODO for Everyone also in your Notes Calendar through the Connections plugin

When i create a TODO in Connections for my team ( Community ) and create a link inside my Calendar, this TODO is not visible for anyone. Only when i assign people to a todo, it will popup in the Calendar in Notes. Please allow Notes to add th...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 1 No Plans to Implement

Error message shown every few minutes in IBM Connections-Desktop-Plug-ins for Windows

In remote sites (e.g. VPN) we have this issue: We were able to configure the plug-in and it works fine, but every few minutes a popup is shown with the error "IBM Connections Server for lappnet sync is currently unavailable". - The notification...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 0 Under Consideration

Show folders a file is shared with in the Desktop connecor "Sharing Details" window too.

Currently if a file is shared with one or more personal folders this is shown on the sharing tab in the Browser view but not shown on the "Sharing Details" option when using the Windows Explorer Desktop Connector (only shares with people or commun...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 0 Under Consideration

Support for Desktop Plugin under Windows Terminalservices /Citrix

This useful feature needs support for the Windows Terminalservice/Citrix Envirnoment. The Windows/Citrix environment is the strategy of the IT vendor of saving banks in germany. Without this feature the files application is not practicably usable...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 3 No Plans to Implement

Provide version and release info in the Plugin catalog

When IBM moved the plugin catalog to Bluemix it removed any version and release info. You even can't figure out whether you've downloaded the current version already without having to download it and compare the files. Please repair this wherever ...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 0 Already Exists

Provide better Error Messages for Infected Files when using Windows Plugins

When using ICAP for virus scanning and uploading an infected file via the Windows Plugins for Connections, the file gets scanned and blocked correctly. However, the users just get the response that they are not allowed to upload the file. This is ...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 1 Under Consideration

Windows Desktop plugin file search option

When using the desktop plugin integration from Windows File explorer and try to search for a file in Connections files you can only use this form of search sentence : PartOfFilename* and not *artOfFilename* to find files. When you use the search i...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 0 No Plans to Implement

Desktop Plugin - printer integration

In some cases we use PDF's and other tools. for better integration without any ribons or something else, it might be a good idea to integrate a printer driver to convert and upload any information to hcl connections. This is an request against On...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 0 No Plans to Implement

Make Desktop plugin to appear as a drive/location in Windows

Please change the way desktop plugin is presented in Windows - make it available in all open/save dialogues so we can work with Connections files from any application. It should appear the same way as Dropbox, etc. For example, I need fr...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 4 Under Consideration

Desktoplugin allow cut and paste into Connections

Windows allows us to cut and paste files from folder A to folder B. When trying to cut and paste files into connections via the desktopplugin the files are only copied.It would be useful when the plugin allows the cut and paste, removing the orig...
over 3 years ago in 12. Desktop Plugins 1 No Plans to Implement