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HCL Connections Ideas Portal

Welcome to the HCL Connections Product Ideas Lab! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by the HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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01. General/Multiple Areas

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Connections Editors: Support pasting mixed content from Lotus Notes client

Currently, pasting of mixed content (i.e images and text) or multiple images from Lotus Notes is not possible, independent of the editor used (CKEditor/ Pasting either a single image or text works as expected. Request is to add sup...
almost 6 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 1 Under Consideration

Ability to use Auth0 for authentication

Many applications use Auth0 for login, but this is not possible with Connections.Auth0 should be usable without any kind of programming and customization. This must also apply to plugins and mobile apps
over 4 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 Needs Review

Calendar as app in community has disappeared in Connections 6.5 On-prem

In Connections Cloud, it is possible to add more apps than On-prem. Including calendar. Since we are now moving from Cloud to On-prem, a calendar app will be very useful for orientation for community members. Why are apps reduced to Cloud?
over 4 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 Already Exists

Generate report on Org members

As an Org admin I want to generate a report (filterable / sortable) on all parameters which contains all profile info currently stored on the Org. I want to be able to export this for other uses.
almost 6 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 Already Exists

Ability for Org admins to control their guest users extensions and third-party apps access

Organizations administrators have control over their internal user's features/extensions/apps however, this is not the case for guest users. Currently, the IBM Guest House organization has full control over guest users. Org admins wish to have add...
almost 6 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 Under Consideration

Human readable file names for Connections installation files

Please produce human readable filenames that were related to the product I'm downloading. Filenames like "CNB75ML.tar" are not very handy, I have no clue that this is DB2, it could be anything. Namings like e.g. db2_version-xyz_linux-x86-x64.tar w...
over 4 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 Already Exists

New Design V8

In V8 there should be a new design. Please make this design optional and without component pack. Also users who do not have the component pack installed in the environment should OPTIONALLY enjoy the new design of V8. Perhaps it is possible to cha...
almost 3 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 1 Future Consideration

Make lazy loading/infinite scrolling functionality consistent in all components (orient me and community catalog)

For me as a user it is not understandable, why the lazy loading/infinite scrolling functionality is implemented differently in different components. It should look and behave the same in all components. For example the back to top button is in...
over 4 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 Future Consideration

Add all administration panels / pages to Administration Console /cnxadmin/

The Administration Console in Connections 7 only contains the menu for Mobile Administration and Template Editor, but there are way more configuration pages which are important for admins, so please include links or integrtion to: Gatekeeper / Hig...
about 3 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 Under Consideration

CircuitBreaker Messages Associated with Large Number of Calls

The customer is reporting a lot of CircuitBreaker entries in their logs. Development has stated that this is to be expected when a large number of calls is being made to a given application as it may result in timeouts. The Connections code doesn'...
over 4 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 2 No Plans to Implement