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HCL Connections Ideas Portal

Welcome to the HCL Connections Product Ideas Lab! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by the HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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01. General/Multiple Areas

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Cross data center collaboration. Impossible to collaborate with other Connections Cloud users. error messages insufficient / wrong

My colleague was setting up a community to collaborate with our customer who is also using Connections Cloud. My colleague first entered the contact information and then didn't get the 'Invite to My Network' link, but the 'Invite to Join' instead....
about 5 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 1 Under Consideration

Bookmarks to include description in default view without using "more" option

Customer would like to have the default view of Bookmarks (in all Communities) to have the description of the bookmark displayed without having to click on the "more" button.
about 5 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 No Plans to Implement

Disable link recognition in Activitystream and Mail notifications

When you create a post (blog, forum, wiki) and add some project number or JIRA ticket number in the beginning, linked to your Helpdesk, or other system, this link gets removed in the mail notification and activity stream. When your JIRA number now...
12 months ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 Needs Review

enhance HCL Connections with useful features from Connections Extension Toolkit (ICXT)

We would like to have the following features also in Standard product of HCL Connections. Find duplicate or faulty user profiles and fix them Find HCL Connections content Backup and restore content Retrieve reports of unused or inactive contents (...
over 2 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 3 Future Consideration

Support Request for Oracle 19c for HCL Connections

Customer requests support of Oracle 19c with Connections 6.5 and 7.0 as he plans to migrated to Oracle 19c ( Oracle 18c will end of support by Jun 30, 2021. and Oracle 19c (successor to 12.2.0.x) is the current Long-Term-Support release:...
over 2 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 2 Under Consideration

Report of Communities, Files and Mail (Size Used)

Customer would like to have a report with the information below: 1) Users X the used size of mailbox 2) Users X the used size of their share of connections Files 3) Listing Active Communities in the enterprise, with the size used by each.
over 4 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 2 No Plans to Implement

Paperless Notes - like OneNote

Our Customer request an area for personal Notes - like MS OneNote without specific area to notice some information on a blank paper. Some tabs to organize the information and centralization to give some Users the information to share it. Other po...
over 4 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 3 Under Consideration

Handle confidentiality for sharing files via link from closed community

With CR4 sharing a file via link has been introduced. While this is a great way of sharing files from communities as well as the Files application, this feature can become an issue once a file is shared from a closed community. Sharing a file via...
over 4 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 Future Consideration

Synchronize data's between OnPrem Domino Directory and Connections Cloud Profile in both directions

Customer wants to have the option to sync information from a Connections Cloud Profiles business card back to their OnPrem directory.
almost 5 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 2 Future Consideration

ICXT Newer version release update/information

At present we don't have a portal or way from where we can know the latest version of ICXT release. We like to get an update on flexnet, mail, rss feed or something like that when a new version is available, will be a great work.
almost 3 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 1 No Plans to Implement