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Welcome to the HCL Connections Product Ideas Lab! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by the HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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03. Files

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Possibility to get notified if a user starts downloading a lot of data

Customer suggests to consider the possibility to get a notification as an admin or at least to see it in a log file or whatever if some internal users are downloading big data from communities? What I'm thinking about is something similar to the d...
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 0 Under Consideration

Need the ability to download all files in a folder at once in Connections Cloud

Customer is using Connections cloud. Currently he can download all files in a community via the function of "Download all files" (Under view of "Files"-"All Community Files"). Customer requested the same function of "download all files" for an fol...
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 4 Needs Clarification

Ability to set access level to delete files and folders.

The shared files and folders can be deleted by every user who were shared them even the access level is "Reader" and "Editor". Only "Owner" should be able to delete the files and folders.
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 3 Future Consideration

Single copy storage in connection Files

When end user upload a file to Files, the system should be able to identify if this file existed in Files already. If yes, just add a link, no need to upload it again. It will save much network bandwidth and server storage.
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 0 No Plans to Implement

Support resume from break point in Connections Files

Since Files support very large attachment, the resume from break point function will be very useful.
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 0 Under Consideration

There should be a way to change the owner of "Protect area" in Docs Spreadsheet Editor.

Translation: It is about the feature "Protect area" in Docs Spreadsheet Editor. The background of the scenario is about the customer has their own files repository integrated with Docs Editor and the file owner can be removed the access of their r...
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 2 Under Consideration

Make files actionable by using activities and relations

When working with files, it would be VERY helpful if you could do a simple thing: Connect files to activities right in the file preview right panel. Therefor I recommend another tab called relations where you can do this: add relations betwee...
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 1 Under Consideration

Add API support to show me which Files I liked

This is currently not present and we need it to display "files/photos I liked"
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 0 Future Consideration

have different permissions on different files/folders in community files

It is not true that in a large project group, everybody is allowed to see everything. Subcommunities add too much complexity so please add permissions to files and folders, based on roles and names. Some more roles would help anyways (like LOB man...
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 2 Under Consideration

allow unlimited file growth in communities

The 50Gig limit kills me. We receive 120Gig in regular projects as the handover from the customer - and start producing then up to Terabytes. (I do not ask to get that for free...) We would prefer to go BYOS on our own S3 storage accounts on Azur...
over 5 years ago in 03. Files 1 No Plans to Implement