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Welcome to the HCL Connections Product Ideas Lab! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by the HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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File cannot be overwritten via browser when same name files are stored in "My Files" and a folder.

Please add a function that can choose a file which users want to overwrite to the [New] - [Upload] menu.
almost 6 years ago in 03. Files 0 No Plans to Implement

Support Rich HTML (& CSS) for Activity Streams

REQUEST: Support a richer set of HTML & CSS for Activity Streams to be at par competitively. For example, products like HipChat and Slack and other activity stream type apps support this. JUSTIFICATION: Perception and eye-candy is core and val...
almost 6 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 2 Future Consideration

Cloud Wikis Member role permissions

Request is to disable this capability for all but the Wiki (owners or memebers) Also the Journalling system is not tracking these change actions, so please allow it to make a note of who changes the page ordering.. The journal only captures events...
almost 6 years ago in 05. Blogs/Wikis/Forums/Activities 0 No Plans to Implement

Delete the "Recent update" notification created by starting a Survey

We want to delete a "Recent update" notification created by starting a Survey: The update was posted when you start a survey, but there isn't any "Delete" button on recent updates or in our Profiles. How can we delete them?
almost 6 years ago in 13. Other 0 No Plans to Implement

Notification of personal folder in community

We discovered a behavior in the Connections Community.Here's the problem description: Expected behavior: A user shares a personal folder with a community The user expects all community members that are following the community to be notified Actual...
almost 6 years ago in 02. Communities 0 Future Consideration

Community Wiki navigation improvements

Consider large wikis with '000s of pages and children. The wiki navigation is not friendly. This area needs to be improved with user defined navigation capabilities such as self built drop-down lists. having a drop down list to a page linking you ...
almost 6 years ago in 05. Blogs/Wikis/Forums/Activities 4 Under Consideration

Requested the ability to collapse repeating events with many overlapping entries

We requested the ability to view Community calendar events in the same format as the Notes calendar. One of our major user groups has a request with regard to the display of Events. They have a large community with many overlapping events. The rep...
almost 6 years ago in 01. General/Multiple Areas 0 No Plans to Implement

Access to creating groups in communities.

Requesting to create groups when you are owner of a community without a special request. Creating groups at Community Owner level is not possible. Right now the only way Admins can create groups is from Smartcloud Notes. For which you need to have...
almost 6 years ago in 02. Communities 0 Under Consideration

Option to not display "Send email" or email address within a users profile page

Customer requests functionality to not display the "Send email" option or an email address within a user's profile page Business impact: Due to customer's business process they will have internal users who use their personal e-mail addresses withi...
almost 6 years ago in 04. Profiles 0 No Plans to Implement

invitation to community link should be active

In When a user clicks to accept an invitation there should be a direct link to the community presented (OR "accept and go" link) There is a success message without any direct...
almost 6 years ago in 02. Communities 0 Future Consideration